Research Interests

Some of my research interests include turbulence mixing, internal waves, vorticity in the ocean and coastal water. Here are some of the research projects that I have involved:

Current Projects:

Other Projects:

Internal Tides across Shelf Break
(LIWI in Monterey Bay)

Lien, R.-C., and M. C. Gregg (2001), Observations of turbulence in a tidal beam and across a coastal ridge , J. Geophys. Res., 106, 4575-4591.

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Turbulence and Internal Waves in Deep-Cycle Layer
(Lagrangian Float Experiment in Equatorial Pacific)

Lien, R.-C.,  E. A. D'Asaro and M. J. McPhaden (2002), Internal waves and turbulence in the upper central Equatorial Pacific: Lagrangian and Eulerian observations, Journal of Physcial Oceanography, 32, 261992639.

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Separating Internal Waves and Turbulence in Stratified Flows

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Bottom Boundary Layer
(EMVM vorticity and turbulence experiment in turbulent boundary layers)